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A Short Review About Hunger Games Series

A Short Review About Hunger Games Series

One of my favorite book series of all time is the hunger games. I was forced to read it for my summer reading going into ninth Grade back in 2010 and it was by far the best book I ever had to read for school. I couldn’t put it down and I read it in literally two days and wrote the best book report of my life After that, I found out there was a second book called catching fire and the third one on the way to wrap up the series Once again, I read the second book in about two days and eagerly awaited the third book when it finally was released I got it on that day and read it in less than eight hours Which is by far the fastest I’ve ever read a book since then I’ve read the series about three more times And I’ve seen the movie series at least four times I’m a huge fan of both the books and the movies and in this Blog.

A Short Review About Hunger Games Series

What Can I Described In This Article

I’m going to discuss What makes these books appeal to me and so many others? then I’m reviewing the movie series and see how they compare to the globe now obviously since this is a Dissection there will be spoilers. So here’s your warning I’m gonna split this article into two parts in part  I’m going to talk about the dissection of the Book and the First movie the Hunger games, then in Part, I’m going to review catching fire and Mockingjay part and let’s get started Happy Hunger game.

What Is Hunger Series?

The series tells the story of a dystopian future or us has been turned into a country called Panem And it’s divided into twelve districts each with their skillset that provides for the country each district are very Underprivileged some more than others and are ruled by the capitol who are extremely fortunate and privileged people And they’re all under the control of the main villain president snow Every year the capitol takes two people from each district one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 and put them in an arena where they fight to the death until there’s only one victor.

A Thrill Story About Hunger Game

This is called the hunger games which is penance for wonder than 13 districts tried to overthrow the capitol now 74 years later the end of the 74th Hunger Games Follow the Character, Katniss Everdeen I think one of the reasons the book at such an appeal to both myself and all of its fans Is because also Susan and Collins had so many parallels to our own? Society and what it could become The also parallels the history and on top of that has deeper meanings behind so many things throughout all the books Collins exaggerates Humans’ biggest flaws both today and in our past and translates them into the series.

The most obvious parallel to history that I think Everyone can make is the Roman Empire with people being put in an arena and being forced to fight to the death One of the things that the roman empire was probably most famous for this nexus the 21st century and their own with our constant need For entertainment in our obsession with reality.

TV shows it combines a brutal and violent history with our unhealthy need to have Technology at our fingertips at all times if the Romans have the technology we have today this might have been the result with constant coverage of the event before During and after it perfectly links our past in the future and shows that we have the potential to become Columns also uses the hunger games to show how violent our culture has become It’s of course not as exaggerated as 23 kids a year for our entertainment But much of our entertainment today has and violence things like video games movies TV shows and even some of our sports can be pretty brutal also It’s so common for kids today to have toy guns and swords and other types of weapons.

1st Impression On Kids After See This Series

There’s a great scene in the first film where Hamish is watching kids from the capitol playing with a toy sword while the games Are going on showing on both the capitol and Their own? Society has become so desensitized to violence Body image is another thing the college references in this trilogy the people in the capital are obsessed with body modifications such as skin Dyeing implants tattoos and other bizarre modifications all things that we have today once again Columns just exaggerate sit Converse also touches on the feminist movement by actually not Touching on it and what I mean by that is there are no gender roles in this story?

Final Conversation About Game

Women have every opportunity and every ability to deal what men do and no one questions it no one even remotely thinks or acts in The way that would suggest any bias toward men or women the main hero of the story is a woman who has more athleticism heroism and hunting and fighting Abilities than most it goes to the point that had Katniss been a boy the basic storyline wouldn’t have been that different some things make her feminine such as the outfits in a mixer But it’s never to a point where it’s degrading or playing down the role of women this was something I found very interesting and very appealing to this book series because it’s so different from so many other stories to tell of a male hero who has to save the Damsel in distress.


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