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PS4 Review In My Words

PS4 Review In My Words. It became back in 2005 while Shadow of the Colossus graced the PS3 and went directly to turn out to be certainly one of if no longer the first-class PS3 video games ever. 5 years later this timeless classic has been re-delivered with a clean coat of paint for the current technology of players.

So how does it hold up?

In this review, we will go through each factor of this recreation like pictures, gameplay, story, and ordinary revel in detail. However, to recognize the pedigree of what we are searching at right here, we want to look at one extra factor of this sport which is its Legacy.

PS4 Review In My Words

On the subject of timeless classics in video games, very few games have the effect of Shadow of the Colossus. I bear in mind after I first booted the authentic SOTC on my PS2, again in 2005. I went in absolutely blind, no longer knowing something approximately this recreation. No reviews or spoilers lower back inside the day. After the initial roadblock of seeking to figure out the climbing mechanics, it becomes a second of awe that just a few video games should offer on the time.

Fast ahead 12 years, the second one colossus became launched. I knew that this became an unprecedented masterpiece that needed to be savored. And I was now not the most effective one sharing this sentiment. Almost everyone who has performed this sport had a tender spot for it, no matter whether or not that they had completed it once or, like in my case, as a minimum a dozen instances.

However, video games have come an extended manner in view that 2005. And the sheer variety of genres and the improvements in mechanics that we’ve skilled in these 2 console generations seeing that PS2 is surprising, that’s why I am left speechless once I see how well the PS4 model of this sport holds up nowadays.


The principle story of SOTC may be written in a few sentences. Man tries to save liked Mono. Man is offered a danger to accomplish that through slaying sixteen colossus. Man does it. After which the ending. But there is so much more complexity in this easy story. You can not help however fall in love with every person. From Agro, your trusty steed, to the wanderer, the protagonist, and every one of the sixteen surprising colossi. All of this handiest results in an emotional gut-punch whenever you kill these colossi. And no longer to say an ending this is each as a whole lot an absolute heartbreak, as it’s far stunning.


Part of SOTCs allure lies in how easy the entirety is, and the underlying complexity is all born within the participant’s thoughts. It could be due to the constraints of the PS2 that things were saved so easy, but Bluepoint video games have used that simplicity along with side the PS4’s graphical constancy, delivered in spades. This recreation is one of the excellent searching games for the PS4 right now. The whole lot in this sport, from landscapes to the towering colossus themselves, had been redone from the ground up. And the result is phenomenal. There’s spectacular attention to element in each corner and cranny of this game. And these visuals play an important role within the normal revel in of this remake.


The center gameplay of SOTC entails using the landscapes of the cursed land on the lower back of your horse, seeking out the subsequent Colossi. You are left to figure out wherein to go along with the assist of your sword which displays beams of mild closer to the route of the goal. When you do discover the Colossi, you want to parent out a way to take them down like every one of them needs an exclusive approach and making plans. This maintains the game fresh until the end. Reminiscent of the sport’s simple topic is your arsenal, which consists of just a sword, and a bow and arrow.

For all the praise this recreation instruction, there’s no denying that the controls have been a touch janky. Even back in the PS2 days, we have had games with a whole lot better controls than SOTC. At the same time as we can not say that this has been fully resolved in the remake, there are some great modifications here. The button format is mapped to enchantment to modern game enthusiasts, which may be set back to authentic settings in case you please. Adding to this there also are collectibles in the game now and a few clever Easter eggs referencing Mr. Ueda’s different video games.

At the same time as the center game may be finished in approximately 10 hours, durability is supplied through other issue settings and quirky rewards. And a mirrored mode which, well, mirrors the sport screen and it feels exceedingly fresh. Upload to this a picture mode which lets you take screenshots of the sport, with various filters and tools. Truly, I spent hours right here and the results are all first-rate.


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