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How We Can Change PS4 Hard Drive

How We Can Change PS4 Hard Drive

 Gigabytes are enough records! Good day, Sony! This is not 2008. 500 gigs are not going to cut it. No longer whilst you’re games have obligatory installs. Now not whilst your video games are forty to 50 gigs apiece. You are making us juggle statistics. It is high-quality with smartphones, in which apps may be deleted and reinstalled in 30 seconds. It’s now not ok when your games are big and might take more than one HOURS to install video games. Why might you not ship with at least a terabyte? It’s ridiculous! You could close up too, Microsoft. You shipped with the same size difficult power! Now not simplest that however at the least Sony ships with your average ordinary laptop difficult drive. Along with your console, you have got to shop for a proprietary power.

How We Can Change PS4 Hard Drive

Anyways, there is a clean way to this hassle. That is to simply replace the difficult pressure your self. Whoa chill out, don’t cry. Oh gosh, you are crying. It’s now not that tough. It is quite clean. You’re now not crying anymore? Ok, good. Please keep your composure, which turned into awkward for both of us. Great now you are crying again. Allow’s just circulate on.

I do not think that this could void your warranty, but, it’s far in your best hobby to touch Sony to ensure. I’m in no way accountable for any damage or voided warranties that could occur as a result of a difficult pressure swap. Please continue together with your caution!

Step one is to gather the substances! So first you may want a brand new hard force. I used a one terabyte Seagate hybrid power. Make certain that the pressure is a 2.Five-inch force, otherwise, it’ll now not fit inside the PS4. You may additionally use a stable-nation power. That being stated, I don’t assume you’ll get a very widespread pace raise from it. Plus strong-country storage has been historically an awful lot greater high priced than conventional platter tough pressure. Or you may get a conventional difficult drive with a ton of storage. The purpose I went with a hybrid drive is that you get maximum of the blessings of the solid-state force mixed with the inexpensive mass storage of a conventional platter-based difficult power.

 Seagate Hybrid drive

You may also need computer reachable. Ugh, I recognize. I am asking a lot from you. The use of that computer navigates to Sony’s website. Discover today’s firmware. Make certain that you get the As of the date this newsletter is posted that firmware is three.15. You will additionally want a one-gigabyte thumb pressure, for placing the downloaded firmware onto, as well as in case you plan on backing up saves and sports data. Ensure it’s far formatted to FAT32. Proper-click on at the flash force, and click layout and make certain FAT32 is chosen. You’ll want a PS4 controller and a USB cord. Finally, get an accessible dandy screwdriver!

In case you plan on backing up your saves, plug the USB power into the PS4, navigate to the settings menu. Beneath the settings menu finds the “application stored facts management” menu. Find returned up to and restore, and follow the on-display directions.

Next, permit’s get down and grimy and begin taking aside the PS4. The first aspect you need to do is ensure the PS4 is turned off. Unplug it from the wall, simply in case. Next, what you must do is to drag the glossy plastic piece off the ps. It will require a little pressure, so do not be afraid to apply some. It needs to slide off with relative ease. You should see the difficult pressure internal its cage. There may be an as a substitute large screw with the PlayStation icons of the rectangular, circle, x, and triangle on it. Remove that screw together with your Phillips head screwdriver. Pull the cage out of the PS4. Accurate activity up to now!

Now look at the tough force caddy, the word the orientation of the hard drive, and see the four screws keeping the difficult pressure into the caddy. Unscrew those take away your vintage difficult force. Make certain that the rubber portions stay in the area. The area the new difficult power within the same role because the old one, and screw it into place the use of the four screws you just took out. Slide the caddy with the difficult power connected lower back into the cage in the PS4. Move beforehand and slide the black smooth plastic piece returned onto the PlayStation 4 and near it lower back up.

So the first issue is first, permit’s get your new thumb force equipped! Plugin your thumb drive for your pc. Locate your thumb drive on your laptop. It could be observed underneath the “This pc” folder if you’re on Windows 8 or better or “My computer” in case you’re on windows 7 or decrease. After you do that, at the thumb force create a folder referred to as “PS4” after which within that folder create some other folder referred to as “replace”, and after you do this paste the report PS4UPDATE.Pup into that folder. Once you end that up, accurately unplug your thumb drive and plug it into the PlayStation.

Navigate down to number 7

Plug the PS4 lower back into the wall. Plug your PS4 controller into the console. Discover the strength button at the front of the console and preserve it down for approximately 7-10 seconds. Using the controller navigate to the “Initialize PS4 (Reinstall system software program).” Now, permit the PS4 to do its component, and it has to run through. As soon as it does, it must land you on a preliminary set up screen, in which you may reenter all your account data, input the date and time once more, and connect to the internet.

The remaining aspect you want to do is to move back to the settings menu and back to in which you subsidized-up all your saves. Now you need to do the opposite and restore the packages you subsidized up. Once you do that cross lower back to the PlayStation keep and re-download all your video games. Your PS4 needs to now are in a similar nation to when you started.


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