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Top 5 New Released Computer Games 2020

It is time to continue with the review of the August releases with the games that will come out on PC, after seeing what titles will come out on PS4 and Nintendo Switch that month.

Top 5 New Released Computer Games 2020

This time the dominance of Windows is evident with a brutal avalanche of video games in August for PC, with an exclusive that steals a lot of new games from PS4, and others that abandon their early access after reaping extremely positive reviews. In addition, the number of games is noticeably higher.

Risk of Rain 2:

When: August 11
Where: Steam
How much: 17.99 euros (Early Access)
Exclusive? No, it also came out on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One
Hopoo Games' classic Risk of Rain from 2013 gained a new dimension with its sequel and has received "extremely positive reviews" since then, despite still being in Early Access without finalizing development. The good? That this multiplayer roguelike will reach its most stable version (1.0)

Boomerang Fu:

When: August 13
Where: Steam
How much: to be confirmed (reservation not yet available)
Exclusive? No, it will also be released on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One
What could be more refreshing for the summer than eating fruit? What if instead, we play with the fruit to destroy it with boomerangs? It is just what Boomerang Fu proposes, a game that can surprise you, especially if 6 people get together in its crazy multiplayer, which also has different types of shots.


When: August 14
Where: Steam
How much: 25 euros (Early Access)
Exclusive? Yes
Factorio is not the only Early Access with "extremely positive reviews" on Steam, but in this case, it is complete nonsense, with 98% excellent ratings from almost 65,000 people who have given a review ... at the same time, they said goodbye to their productive life in the real world. Because this work from Wube Software will suck you in at insane levels. Has demo, by the way

Rogue Legacy 2:

When: August 18
Where: Early Access (Steam and Epic Games Store)
How much: to be confirmed (reservation not available)
Exclusive? Yes
A few months after seeing how Cellar Door Games announced the sequel to the great Rogue Legacy, and with a small delay in between, this long-awaited Early Access is coming where the game will continue in development while we taste the new direction of this roguelike so addictive that stands out in this sequel for its leap at the graphic.

Tell Me Why - Ep. 1:

When: August 27
Where: Steam and Microsoft Store
How much: 29.99 euros (Full Season) (standard on Game Pass)
Exclusive? No, it also comes out on Xbox One
In charge of the creators of the Life is Strange saga, Tell Me Why offers us another adventure with a supernatural bond between the twins Tyler and Alyson Ronan. We will have to decipher the mysteries of her beloved but troubled childhood with that touch so characteristic of DONTNOD that has been dazzling us for years.


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